Cadence: Secrets of Wings



When demons corrupt the souls of the innocent, angels take matters into their own hands.

Cadence, a half angel, descends from Heaven to save a damaged soul. Cadence finds that this is not an ordinary mission and she is not a typical angel.

When Cadence discovers her miraculous abilities, she is in desperate pursuit of the truth. Her quest to save the girl intertwines with a thick web of secrets.

In an adventure overflowing with evil, forbidden love, enemies, loyalty, blood, and sacrifice, Cadence is guided towards the truth. When she untangles the secret of her wings, her destiny is changed forever.



“Cadence: Secrets of Wings is a fantastic novel that catches your attention from the very start. Following the forbidden relationship of Mikhail & Cadence is just one of the many story lines book readers are able to relate to. As a young adult novel, Cadence: Secrets of Wings explores a typical teenaged lifestyle through the eyes of angels and the demons that haunt them. From the very start, the story line & creativity in the novel Cadence: Secrets of Wings will keep you wanting to know more.”

Kristin Longacre 

“Loved this story! It sucked me in from the first page, and I couldn’t put it down! Easy, fast read with a creative storyline. I feel like I know the characters in real life–Cade and I would totally be friends! Highly recommended!”

-Kat Hobgood


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