JUST IN! Cadence: Secrets of Wings



About two years ago a question twirled in my mind:

What if an angel fell in love? 

Out of seven little words, 93,000 words followed. I remember the initial phase. My fingers couldn’t keep up with what I was witnessing inside of my mind. With cramped hands, I continued at night, during naps, and any other chance that I had. After a seven month break, someone said, “You will never finish that.”

Today, I showed him that he was wrong.

I finished it!

A riveting adventure of angels and demons is what came of my initial “what if” question.

Many people ask me “Is this Christian literature”. My answer is: it depends on the reader. This book can be read by atheists as a work of fantasy and Christians as an inspirational religious fiction. It involves things that are in the Bible, but mostly, the angels are works of complete imagination. You don’t have to believe in the Bible to read it as complete fantasy and if you do believe, you will know what you think is true and what is fiction. An excerpt from the book to explain the angle:

“Well, that’s what I thought, now between you and me; does the great Lord have a favorite church? A favorite religion?” Mrs. Robinson asked as she leaned in further with her eyes twinkling behind her spectacles.

Melody smirked. “Mrs. Robinson, God-”

“Wouldn’t that spoil the surprise?” Cadence interrupted, shooting Melody a sideways glance. “That would be like giving away the end of the story, or handing you a medal when you are only at the half way point in the marathon. Maybe he has a favorite. Maybe he doesn’t care for religion at all. Maybe everything is what you think or maybe it’s inside out. It’s all part of your spiritual journey.”

Furthermore, out of my dream to publish, another dream is born. It is my ultimate wish that “Cadence” resonates with people. My dream is that when someone reads my story, that they are not only entertained, but that they are inspired. There would be no point for me to write a book that was simply for words on pages. I want readers to take away the messages. Lessons such as: friendship is powerful, love cannot be dictated by outside forces, hobbies are powerful anti-drugs, and that we are not alone.

Regardless, if the novel soars on the wings of angels or falls flat on its face, it doesn’t matter. If I make 2 dollars from the book or 2,000, still, it doesn’t matter. What matters is, my dream came true. I wrote a book and it’s a story that I would have loved to read.


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