Who would like a free copy?

contest-iconEdit: I currently have no contests going. Check back for more! 

I have a few new followers of my blog! Thank you for adding me! I added you, in return. We writers must stick together and I’m so very glad that we found each other 🙂 I know. I’m a dork.

I’m excited to see everyone’s upcoming projects, or completed projects. Now that “Cadence: Secrets of Wings” is done for awhile, I will have time to sift through some indie books. Honestly, I am finding I like them more than traditionally published ones. Not saying I haven’t read anything bad that was self-published, but that’s the thing. I’ve read things that were traditionally published and were rotten! Some of them turned into movies! GAG! I truly believe that we indie authors write for the readers and not to fit into anyone’s box or list. We have stories to tell. And they are great stories.

Exciting news!  to celebrate the release of my new book, I have an exclusive contest, only for members of my facebook page and blog followers. The prize is a brand new copy of my book completely FREE. The book & shipping and handling are on me. I’m not exaggerating, it’s the easiest way to get a prize. No signing up, no loop holes. All you do is sign into amazon and click the dancing box. Literally. That’s it! Good luck! CLICK THIS LINK HERE TO ENTER THE CONTEST

If you didn’t win the book, don’t worry! There is another contest hosted by my dearest sister in law (designer of the cover, mentor, super-helper) She is also giving away the e-book version of “Cadence”. In addition, there is a wonderful review about the book. She also has a lot of other reviews to check out, in case Cadence doesn’t appeal to you.


Happy Reading.

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