I Begin Again

1dbb6c5e40e04a11c4172e5bdfc910a9The helium balloons are now a few inches from the floor. The confetti under my feet is dirty. It’s time to sweep it up.

It’s time to crack my knuckles and open a new word document. “Cadence” is not over. What will happen next? What will unfold in the next installment?  I’m waiting for Cadence herself to tell me. I want her to sit down with me in a dark corner of my mind. I want her to tell me in vivid detail exactly what happens. I’ll bite my nails and nod.

But it doesn’t work like that. She can’t tell me. She has to show me. I have to travel along in her next adventure.

I haven’t started yet, and part of me in afraid. What if when I start, I won’t have any clue what to do? I certainly don’t want to take anything away from the first story, just because I want another book. This next book has to be just as good or better.

I need to let go and remind myself that I always figure it out. The hardest part is sitting down and doing it. Swallowing my fear with one gigantic gulp. Igniting the fire in my heart with wooden match.

Now that it is over, I begin again.


Click here for “Cadence” in Ebook


Click here for “Cadence” in paperback

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